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chc 446 days ago | link | parent

Do you believe Vine obtained sexual gratification from this screw-up?

pbhjpbhj 446 days ago | link

On that point, Sexual Offences Act 2003 S12(1)(a) appears to be badly drafted as it's not clear that the sexual "gratification" has to be the defendants, it could the second party's. In which case if you sent it someone and they got off on it but that someone was a minor it would be an offence.

Read another way even if someone didn't get off on it but the material is pornographic (ie of the sort people use for sexual gratification) then it would still count.


DanBC 446 days ago | link

If Hypothetical Bob gets sexual pleasure from sending videos to many people; and knows that he's sending video to minors, then Bob has committed an offence.


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