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It's not going great judging by this list of new users per day.. http://appnetizens.com/nupd

"Turns out App.net currently has approximately 20,000 users, of which a small minority seemingly dominates the conversation: Basch estimates that 250 users (1.25 percent) have so far accounted for half the posts." http://thenextweb.com/socialmedia/2012/09/07/off-slow-start-...

So once every 3-4 days a new active user is born..

Ah, that Appnetizens link is a very interesting one.

30,827 users * $36/year = $1.1 yearly revenue.

It should be interesting when the yearly subscription dates come up in August. 18,255 users are up for renewal in August. Well over half the user base.

Then subscription numbers will stabilize and App.net will need to deal with issues such as user base churn.

To be fair, that TNW link is from September 2012. The Appnetizens link is realtime though.

I'm an active user and thought I see few new accounts overall, it has picked up slowly over the past couple months mostly through referrals.

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