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Different in that app.net is supposed to be fully accessible and is more "yours" then it is on Facebook.

> is supposed to be

That's my point.

Put it this way: Facebook has a very good reason to sell your data and limit API access; App.net does not. While there's nothing technical stopping them from suddenly targeting ads based on your posts or making sure that you can only use their official apps, they wouldn't make as much revenue as they're currently getting up front (how much does Facebook make per user?). Thus, their best course of action is to simply carry on as they are doing now.

I completely agree with that. I do think aligning users' interest with the company is a good thing. It's just the "marketing" of App.net that makes it feel otherwise.

For example, the heading of this post was "The promise of “unbundling”". It's vague but I think a little bit misleading. But I guess that's the point of marketing :).

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