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If it makes you feel any better, I live in San Francisco and have seen exactly two Tesla roadsters ever and maybe five Chevy Volts. I have yet to see a Tesla S, but then, maybe San Francisco is a bad place to drive a car that size.

You're just not looking... in SF, and on highway 280 - I see a roadster about once every other week (for the past few years), and a couple of Ss in the past few months.

I've seen a lot of Lotuses which look exactly like a Tesla roadsters (since they have the same frame). I don't drive down the 280 much though, so maybe that's my problem. I imagine there are quite a few more lower in the Peninsula where people aren't afraid of dinging their cars.

I saw my first Model S driving from Marin over the Golden Gate bridge. I see a lot of them about where I live in Palo Alto -- four in one journey last weekend (two on 101, two on Oregon Expressway in Palo Alto), then one the next day at preschool (!).

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