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> but you could for example simulate the effect of the local interaction between a molecule and a neuron

Of course you can... but I sincerely hope the PR video was inaccurate, because lumping together goals like: (1) small scale cell simulation for basic pharmacology research and, (2) better medical imaging for clinical purposes and (3) large scale simulation for really understanding how things work seems a recipe for confusion and badly allocating resources... yeah, it's a common goal, but the people doing this have very different expertise and are close to "not speaking the same language" in terms of the way they approach problems... an you'd have them competing among each other for funding instead of competing for funding in the overall "research market" and then, let's say, the guys doing low level simulation and more clinical oriented research win the big bucks over the guys interested in large-scale simulations and understanding.

I'm speaking out of my ass a little bit, but what I've learned from my contact with medical research is that the whole system is extremely ("criminally" I'd say...) "good" at mismanaging resources (hardware, smart people, money... everything), and the only hope to have "decent" resource utilization would be by letting small teams self-manage and compete for funding in the broadest "market" not just heir own area of study...

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