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As a web app contractor / sometimes consultant, I'll also recommend framework-specific job boards ([1] & [2] for example).

[1] http://www.djangohire.com/a/jbb/find-jobs [2] http://djangogigs.com/

I'll second Freshbooks. Awesome for invoicing, receiving invoices and now importing expenses from your cards & accounts. It pretty much handles everything you need for collections, receivables and taxes.

I'll second LinkedIn as well. Keeping a network of people you've worked with and paying for the business account allows you to find (your network * 3) of potential sources to introduce yourself to. Ihaven't tried the jobs feature - will do now that you've recommended it.

Recruiters work too. They are expensive to your bottom line but mitigate risk. They typically have 6 month waiting periods after you've finished a contract before you can work with the client directly - and I recommend you wait patiently then let the client know you are now independent.

I'll finish with this: know who you are targeting. LinkedIn has an industry and location search - your acquisition strategy should too.

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