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A coworker of mine met a guy from a dating site, had a lousy date at a TGIF/Applebees/etc's, decided not to pursue and ended up with a serious stalker issue.

- Hundreds of texts over the next few weeks

- She didn't provide her address to him, yet he ended up tracking her down over the next few weeks

- He would drive 60 miles or so every morning before driving another 40 miles to start his 6am shift so that he could tape or nail a 10 or 20 page hand written letter to her door frame

- She would routinely leave work to find him asleep in his car in front of her house

- In a fit of rage over being ignored, he drove into and smashed down her garage door causing thousands of dollars of damage to her home

- Several arrests later, his behavior hadn't changed

She finally had to get a restraining order and have him arrested for violating it, the police contacted his place of employment and he was fired (he held a position with serious privacy and security restrictions, which is probably how he tracked her down) and to this day, a couple years later, she still has to look out her window before heading out to work to see if he's there.

All of this over a single 90 minute meeting over food to discuss shared interests.

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