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> As I said, I never went to Business school so I’m now hiring folks who know how to scale companies and build out operations.

This is going to sound like a rant - please take it as free advice and worth every penny.

Don't get me wrong, the folks you hired may well be peaches and we love them. But the world has changed - Instagram scaled to ridiculous levels with 8 people and no HR department. Build out operations - you mean repeatable processes right? If they are not already scripts on a server make them so.

You don't need people who deal with the processes of scaling or building out. You need source control tools.

Everything that is repeatable is automatable. Anything being done for the first time is a human's domain.

Everything else is either scripted and so zero marginal cost or is an anchor on your profitability.

I can really recommend this book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Race-Against-The-Machine-ebook/dp/B0...

I appreciate your comment but I don't think you know what our business is. We're a school with full-time Teachers. We need to teach more and more content so we're going to have to scale our Content Team. This isn't a typical SaaS product with just an app team.

Thank you for your (and jimrhoskins?) considered replies to what re-reading could have been taken as inflamatory.

I think I worried about the trauma of copying BigCo culture - I like Treehouse's approach and hoped I could put up a warning flag.

Having said all that, good luck.

Treehouse is a bit different from something like Instagram, the product is is something that can't really be automated by computers: teaching via video. About half of the company is directly involved with writing, shooting, and editing video, split almost evenly between teachers and video professionals.

The team that manages the web app, and most of the other teams, are small in comparison, they are certainly small and effective teams that utilize automation.

I agree with your points on automation, I just wanted to point out there are still things that require human interaction and creativity to produce.

He may be exaggerating a bit, but once video is done, it is done for quite a while... meaning highly repeatable.

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