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I don't think so in this case...even if we assume that porn is a major driver in tech (I think iOS's whitewashed dominance is a clear counter argument), six-second porn is likely not satisfying enough for porn aficionados to stick around with. Even if there are some great clips, it's still seems like a lot of work to hit refresh-next-whatever (I don't know, I don't have the app), nevermind wading through all the unsatisfying clips.

Meanwhile, the many users who do not want to see porn, either at all, or at least during daytime hours, will have a negative user experience.

I think you underestimate people here. They've been hitting refresh and waiting for static images to load for a long time. Vinepeek makes allows you to just sit back and watch, and with the addition of tag searching, I'd imagine that sitting through this content isn't a chore at all considering the lengths people will go to find new material to begin with.

You are clearly not a Tumblr user. Porn GIFs are crazy popular there.

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