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It'd be interesting if that page listed jobs at partner organisations.. I'd love to be involved with a project like that, but it's difficult to get involved.

Honestly, have you tried simply contacting the project? That's how I got an internship on the Blue Brain Project a few years ago (and in fact have a cameo in the video).

I would suggest checking back after the summer, which is when the project should actually start.

Also note, "The HBP has allocated a large proportion of its funding to what we call Competitive Calls. The HBP Competitive Calls Programme will allow researchers from outside the HBP Consortium to propose research and applications development projects using the HBP platforms and to receive funding from the HBP. Proposals will be evaluated by peer reviewers from outside the Consortium. We expect to see many proposals for research and approaches that the current Consortium has never considered"


"From year 3 onwards the HBP will fund a large number of HBP Ph.D studentships and post-doctoral fellowships."

(my understanding is that these are in addition to any postdocs recruited by partner organizations using their individual funding for the project).

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