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This reminds me a lot of the discussions I was having 12 or 13 years ago about developing a website. "You want me to pay how much for a website?!?!? My cousin can do that for 1/10th of that you're quoting."

Today, the difference between the plain-old website market and the mobile market is that few people on the demand side of the mobile market have any frame of reference or experience. How many people have bought a mobile app, compared to the number of people who have built a reasonably sized website? My guess the difference is a few orders of magnitude, maybe more.

Beyond that, I think it is also the sign of an immature supply side. If you wanted a blog 12/13 years ago, you had to pay someone to make it. Now you get one for free with blogger or wordpress. If you want a decent ecomm solution, you don't have to role your own.

Eventually both sides will figure it out: the supply side will add niche/task specific tools [1], and the demand side will gain the experience sorting through the options. [2]

[1] We see this this with a few of the dumb "hey, add your RSS feed" options for mobile apps.

[2] Also, equally likely in my mind: the raw horsepower of mobile hardware will make skinny clients more of an option, disrupting the app economy in general.

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