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I live in Uruguay, and I can definitely believe it can be made for a lot less than U$ 60.000 (for comparison, that's 3 years of my salary).

I actually have a quote from a local company called XSeed ( http://www.xseed.com.uy/ ) for an app for both Android and iOs, and it comes out for a third of the amount.

Yes, you can be burned if you don't know the locals, like the guys with the Egyptians, or the Pakistanis. That's why many companies here in Uruguay get the jobs - the ones that are responsible cost twice or three times as much as the cheap Egyptian, Indian, etc.. companies, but they deliver, while being vastly cheaper than US or European counterparts. The really good ones can charge very close to US prices (go globalization :) ).

> I can definitely believe it can be made for a lot less than U$ 60.000

How can you make that judgement without knowing what was actually involved in the projects?

You're right, I should have clarified that it's based on the article's premise of "two qualified engineers working full time ... and take about three months"

"At 12 weeks, that comes out to about $60,000"

That's what I'm talking about. I know that I can get two competent engineers working three months for far less, for example the company above.

Ok that makes sense :)

Do those engineers work in English?

Most of them do. Not many have top-level English, though (speaking generally, not of that particular company).

I will keep the link.

I also know people from Belarus and Ukraine who do quite a decent job.

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