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Given that the two comments by pohl and yareally are appreciative of a functional language that interoperates well with a host language, I would like mention Felix, a language I have been lloking at the past few weeks.

It is whole program optimized, strongly typed, polymorphic, ML like language without a default evaluation order that can interact effortlessly with C and C++ code and compiles down to C++, another differentiator is the presence of coroutines

I can point to two tutorials. One explains Felix by beginning from C++ [1], the other describes Felix the language [2].

[1] http://felix-lang.org/web/nutut/intro/intro_index.fdoc

[2] http://felix-lang.org/web/tutorial.fdoc

No analogies are correct, but roughly

Felix is to C++ what Scala is to JVM (or F# is to C#). Note however Felix predates all these languages.

@Ingaz the analogy is a little more literal because Felix compiles down to C++ (unlike OCaML)


But I always thought that OCaml to C++ is what F# to C#.

Specially given OCaml's industry support, mainly in finance.

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