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I battled with a mentally ill stalker for years in a petty online revenge game that started as a joke on an IRC channel and a gamer forum when I was 14yrs old, and ended up being decided by the courts as both of us eventually resorted to highly illegal activities to screw each other over.

We went from crapflooding and email bombing each other to him constantly phoning and writing everybody I knew or worked for and my school in an attempt to screw me over through the years. Every girlfriend I had he tried to fake pics of me 'cheating' on her and spammed their social accounts and email/phone. In turn I stupidly escalated and baited him through side channel attacking his box, wiping his drive countless times, hacking his blog countless times, and destroying his credit score through fraud. This goes on for a few years each personal attack gaining in pwnstastic levels of revenge. He even had badly packaged illegal drugs sent to me from overseas hoping customs would intercept it and bust me but somehow they arrived safely and for weeks I wondered how I ended up with a bunch of drugs in the mail. I then countered by further driving his credit score into the grave to the point collection agencies were after him and his family, and was able to wipe all his sites faster than he could put them back up again.

At one point during this insanity when I was 17, he started filing fake police reports to have me purposely picked up on a Friday to serve time all weekend before I could see a judge and have the bogus charges thrown out start of business day Monday. For revenge I did something incredibly stupid with the 911 system and he landed in the state pen for almost 3 months.

When I was about to turn 18, after years of us going back and forth escalating our stupidity I came down with a sudden case of ethics, plead out to meddling with 911 so he would get released, plead out to fraud to reinstate his credit score, paid out compensation and received probation in family court forbidding me from touching a computer for 2 years. He also plead out to filing false police reports, fraud and harassment, was sentenced to time served, compensation and 4yrs probation in adult court. Both of us forbidden to touch a computer and go after each other. That was 8 years ago.

It should have been over but he's still to this day trying to track me down from half way across the globe as both of us don't use real identities anywhere on the internet anymore and our real names turn up a black hole. Once in awhile I'll meet up with some old friends or employers when I come back to my old city for holidays and they'll tell me about how this sweaty-toothed madman keeps calling looking for me. I will also from time to time see various articles or comments written in my name which is him trying to lure me out of obscurity to resume our epic battle of the ages.

I can't help but wonder whether this would've been near impossible if you had not given out your personal details.

I've been using the Internet, IRC etc since I was about 8. Not until I was about 21 did I ever use my real name, address etc.

You state the guy is "mentally ill", but can't the same be said of you if you're retaliating? It's just the same thing, really!

No, he found out who I was when an idiot friend of mine posted some pics to a gamer forum of us getting wasted and doing stupid 14yr old kid things like skateboarding inside a house party, and that friend had a traceable identity said crazy guy was able to trace to eventually find out who I was.

True we were both complete idiots for doing this but the guy definitely has a tinge of paranoia and insanity as to this day he's still phoning around looking for me. He's also 20yrs older. My lame antics can be excused for being underage, him not so much

I don't give out my personal details on the Internet. I try very hard to make sure that any accounts I have aren't connected to each other or to my real identity. (With the exception of financial accounts, I think Bad Things will happen if you don't use your real name/address/SSN for Paypal and the like.)

I always wonder whether I'm just strange -- I don't really have a good reason to hide like this, I just like my privacy -- but as soon as I saw this story, it reassured me that I'm doing the right thing.

This sounds like it would make a great book or movie.

It's scary to know you can send someone to jail for 3 month, but at the same time knowing how you did it would be quite interesting.

Wouldn't make a good movie. Lol IRC troll warzzZ

Because he was never able to defend his xp winbox against me getting inside his home lan by constantly falling for obvious side channel attacks (I'd pretend to be a girl interested in him, link him to my fake personal blog which was actually full of IE exploits back when they went unpatched for months) I had a lot of time to poke around his home lan and eventually I discovered he was stealing his neighbours wifi for some of the harassment against me so it wouldn't trace back to him.

This neighbour had a VNC port open, which at the time was exploitable so I started it up and enabled my xp backdoor on that system too as another attack vector. The original plan was to start doing some MITM attacks I was just learning about he wouldn't notice while thinking he was untraceable through stolen wifi, but then I got stupid and impatient. Note: I was no master hacker, the exploits I had were merely downloaded off shady forums like shadowcrew. I was an idiot with just enough knowledge to be dangerous at the time.

When he changed ISPs under a new name so I couldn't track him I just logged into his neighbours network where I left the door open and waited for him to connect to the stolen wifi. Re-owned his fresh system with a new permanent backdoor, set up a whole toolbox of spyware, and proceeded to do a bunch of illegal shit under his name like using his card which I had gleaned from a keylogger to buy illegal sex tourist vacations from very obvious fake FBI sting sites so somebody would start monitoring him (i have no idea if they did, I assume they did). Interesting note, when I stole his card, he was using it on his fresh install he thought was secure to pay for a data report on me from one of those information clearing house sites.

The emergency system attack was just using the same VNC exploit. Somebody on shadowcrew discovered they were using it and was daring other hackers to break in which pretty much guaranteed an instant bust if you were stupid enough to do so. This was E911 with admins using printout logs and checking them daily not a restaurant to fleece credit card numbers from where nobody will notice you for a year or so. We all made our own temporary vpns and used disposable sim card dongles and wireless hacking but still you'd be playing with fire screwing with E911.

Naturally this was perfect for what I needed and when I assumed the feds had started watching this guy I accepted the 911 bounty, logged into his system, connected through his neighbors wifi leaving a huge trail of identifying cookie crumbs to follow back to him like opening up his hotmail and yahoo accounts which would've all been logged when they looked at his neighbour for the breach, and proceeded to absolutely trash around their network trying to get somebody to notice and yanked some database tables.

Then I left a nice package of evidence for the cops to find in his system that was poorly hidden, cleaned all traces of me being on his neighbours system, cleaned all traces of me being in his network, and for good measure went online using his browser to attempt to sell the info on every carding forum there was to attract even more authority attention.

When I heard on the same game channel where the troll battle began that the reason he disappeared for almost 3 months was because he was in jail, I gloated my victory like a fool to my hacker friends on IRC who told me from their own experience he was probably looking at being transferred to federal and doing serious time in the double digits, which I could not let happen in all good conscience, even if I absolutely hated this guy so turned myself in figuring since I was underage I could probably slide on my stupidity by transparently admitting to everything and hoping for the best. Thankfully I received the Cosmo of UGnazi crew sentence and not the Kevin Mitnic solitary confinement revenge sentence.

Now when I google my name I just see the crazy baiter troll battleship nonsense he's written over the decade in my name with obvious references he knows I would understand to let me know it's him and to pick up where we left off. There's a hundred posts the latest one was Sep 2012.

Did you perchance enjoy playing Uplink?

Also, kudos for clearing his name of the stuff you did on his behalf. That shows some real strength of character, IMO.

This is an amazing post and worthy of a publishing to 2600 Hacker Quarterly.

Yeah, I was wondering how he did that too. Maybe he spoofed a caller ID number with the other guy's number, calling 911 and telling them something involving horrific criminal intentions.

Twenty first century version of Catch Me If You Can.


I wonder if he reads HN?

Upvoted for originality

You're an idiot.

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