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I don't like the taste of the food because I don't like the cook. Is that what are you defending? Secondly, you have to be an expert or at least knowledgeable to certain extent to talk about ingredients and style of cooking. Throwing 15 ingredients in a heated pan doesn't make you an excellent cook. Just because you can taste something delicious doesn't mean you will know everything about the that food.

This premise is flawed. There are certain ingredients that one just doesn't enjoy. If a dish is cooked with those ingredients, you won't like it regardless of the quality.

That's pretty much where my analogy falls apart, so I'm ditching it.

Whether I'm capable of contributing to a project that does not, in its current state, suit my needs has nothing to do with whether I'm in a position to contribute to that project.

This is especially true when there is an alternative that I'm already accustomed to using.

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