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ShowHN: Our weekend project: Help developers get more projects. (trycourier.com)
28 points by ahmadss 1698 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

question: does this tool (or future product) deliver value if non of my business contacts uses it? or must they use, too - to give me value?

at this point, yes, they'd have to be using this too. in the future, though, we were thinking of implementing sharing with unique URLs (like youtube does it with unlisted videos) that don't require login/registration.

should be a core feature, otherwise you'll have a chicken/egg scenario (i do a lot of referrals - but most of my business contacts dont, i would need such a tool, they wouldnt)

if you haven't already filled out a beta invite form, please do. we'd love to chat w you on how you go about handling referrals.

wow, gorgeous aesthetic. amazing that you guys threw that together so fast!

thanks! obviously this is our MVP landing page, so we'd definitely appreciate critical feedback. especially pertaining to the site copy, the concept, and anything else that seems to stick out.

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