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What bugs me about stuff like this is that there will always be mercenaries, guys just like you and me that will do anything as long as it pays. The Chinese government wouldn't stand a chance if they had to do this stuff themselves. Mercenary coders are nothing new, we have them in every country (and sysadmins, companies and so on).

But you have to wonder what goes on in their heads, what mindset would prompt you to sell out like that.

We should be worried about mercenaries when it comes to malware, Russian botnets, and the like.

In the case of the Chinese government, I believe the bigger problem is patriots. They honestly believe that they are doing the Right Thing. So did the people who wrote Stuxnet.

Just to be clear, Stuxnet is claimed to have been written by the US government/Israeli Government, not by the Chinese.


And my claim is that it was likely written by people who consider themselves patriots, not mercenaries.

I kind of get what you're saying, but I think there's a lot of hubris in thinking "my profession is special, only good guys (can learn to) do it". Craftsmen have been complaining about the wrong people getting into their trade for as long as there have been crafts.

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