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I have always imagined that github would be a huge target for the chinese... for industrial espionage. they could get the source for private repositories for many startups and successful companies.

Don't forget the ability to inject code into repos on behalf of someone else.

If you've been logged into github and you told your browser to ignore the warnings then better keep a really good eye on your commit log, lest something pops up that you didn't actually put in there.

And change your password at the earliest opportunity.

I doubt very much of value is on github.com as opposed to more secure Github Enterprise installations behind company firewalls.

Uncounted open source projects that end up being run with root privileges are on github. It all depends on how you determine value.

If value is defined as the number of machines that can be backdoored, communications intercepted and so on then it may very well be that that other form of value will be realized in good time as well.

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