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Benefits to me as a desktop and laptop user of systemd.

1) Speed does matter. Fast boots are good. 2) The new journal is just better. Finding something in the logs is easier. 3) Service files are easier to write than init scripts and one can have more confidence they will work as intended as you need write very little configuration oneself. 4) Knowledge of dependencies means I never have to worry about starting dbus before gdm. It just does what is necessary to do the correct thing.

I personally want all of those things. I am really happy they came to Arch and Fedora. They both feel much more modern for it. Working on systems that use older init systems now feels archaic.

Let's move with the times. I remember the same set of complaints when we got NetworkManager. I remember the same complaints with PulseAudio.

Guess what? I now have systems with excellent networking and excellent sound.

NetworkManager is still popularly referred to as "NetworkMangler", and for good reason. I had serious problems with NetworkMangler on two completely different distributions over a period of two years. I finally solved the NetworkMangler issues by switching to Wicd; its interface is crude and ugly, but it damn well works. I haven't had to restart my laptop to get a working network connection since.

If NetworkManager is an example of how great systemd can be, then I just became vehemently opposed to it.

>I remember the same complaints with PulseAudio.

And this is perfectly the reason number two why i won't switch to systemd (reason number one is there is no need for it). PulseAudio does not work. It sucks. The irc channel is full of clueless (but trying to be helpfull) people. And nobody cares. I want my Alsa back. But now it's too late, i hope systemd will either be better (doubt it) or never be this popular.

And, I cannot lie, I don't want it because I don't want another dbus. freedesktop, stop turning my linux into a single user os. Next thing is they want to abolish x11. Sure it's about time for x12, but wayland? I just don't understand the community that surrounds Linux anymore.

PulseAudio works perfectly fine for me. It did have issues in the beginning, but for many years I didn't have a problem. You said elsewhere that you had issues, but that you still have issues I can see. Others, could be, no idea.

But I don't have any issues. I don't have high CPU usage. It just plain works since various years.

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