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Will they have the same attitude as the ConsoleKit/PolicyKit/_Kit people have when someone says, "I need to do something different, but this service is preventing me from doing it?" As an example, I want to set up my system so that one user can play audio even when a different user is "active," yet after hours reading through bug reports about that and mailing list archives, all I could find where these responses:

* "Not our fault, it's that other service."

* "We are never going to support that. You don't want it anyway."

* "Well that will be fixed with systemd"

* "You can add the user to the audio group, but that's wrong and you should not do it. You should instead do that thing that the other guys are telling you not to do and that they will never support."

* "This will be fixed with systemd!"

So, I guess now the question is, when someone comes along and says, "I need to do X, I used to be able to do X before systemd was in use and now systemd is stopping me, how can I fixed that?" will systemd maintainers respond with things like the above? Will there be useful and thorough documentation, so that users can fix things without having to bug the maintainers?

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