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It's not the first time the US lobbyists have managed to get to a committee, that doesn't necessarily mean they will win the parliamentary vote. In fact, this could all be part of the game. Up until recently the EU parliament favored even stronger privacy protections.

The more worrying issue is they got to the EU council of ministers (i.e., representing the individual governments). The current Irish presidency seems to be completely bought and paid for by the US, they really don't give a flying fuck about the rights of EU citizens, and have put the council on a direct collision course with the parliament.

Personally, I find it utterly disgusting that US companies and the US government are lobbying EU politicians to surrender their voters' civil rights.

The US companies are disgusting, but it's a far cry from the wretchedness of the legislators that are proposing the laws whispered in their ears.

I think the US Government is lobbying against it, too (and of course Facebook):


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