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I just signed up:

- extremely well designed form fields when signing up (kind of plain, reduced and flat but more colourful than Metro)

- in general very clean, subtle UI/design

- low latency, responsive servers, feels snappy

Well done (from a webdev perspective, don't know if MySpace has still a valid use case but I read that it should be more like Spotify now)

EDIT: after playing around a bit I have to stress again how responsive the site feels => ultra low server response times

EDIT2: when watching a video and surfing around, the video stays as a small inscreen window on the screen

Love the typography and the aesthetic, but the horizontal scrolling is killing me. I just can't get into it.

That's how I feel. Design wise it's a great website, but I don't like the feel of horizontal scrolling.

it could be made for tablet computing (ie swipe) rather than scroll with a mouse


The password reset page is still vomit inducing though https://www.myspace.com/auth/resetpassword/#

That's the old MySpace. Click "Forgot Password" at the Sign In page (https://new.myspace.com/signin) to see the new UI.

I'll agree that the UI looks really nice. This is a huge upgrade from what they had.

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