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The article has a bit of a misstatement about Cargill and its cohorts in regards to this type of technology. They are actively selling this support to farms of all sizes and have been for years. I wish these folks luck, but they are competing against some of the biggest companies in the world who have been pushing this tech for awhile.

You are absolutely right that the article is incorrect about Cargill and ADM. Those companies don't actually grow the crops themselves, but rather they buy them from the farmers (big and small). We (FarmLogs) have happy customers of all sizes from some of the biggest farms in the country to very tiny operations. Even though some of the big ag companies do have some limited software for farms, there is still plenty of room for innovation that only a startup can deliver.

In Canada, as I'm sure you are aware, the government owned FCC offers software to farmers[1] that seems to attempt to solve many of the same problems your software does. Do you feel it will be difficult to compete in this market, assuming you wish to expand internationally, given their market position?

As a farmer and software developer myself, it is great to see some startups in this space. I'm quite interested to see where you take the company.

[1] http://www.fccsoftware.ca/en/index.asp

Those big companies wrap their purchasing of grain with their websites, services, and hedging. I wish you luck, but the bundling of services has been going on for years.

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