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Few crits & suggestions:

- The layout does render correctly at 1024x768 (iPad).

- Some of the drop downs do not work when tapped.

- Make the movie detail page URL more SEO friendly (include the title instead of your internal ID).

- Don't force users to download images & titles from a few dozen other movies when looking at the movie detail page.

- Focus on being mobile friendly. I can imagine a site like this being most useful when I see a poster or trailer at the local theater and want to remember it. In that situation, I'm on my phone with a slower connection (or one that is capped).

- You're building a site with lots of utility, not a content site. I'm not sure links to half a dozen social media services will serve your users (along with forcing mobile visitors to download all that JavaScript).

- Movie release dates vary greatly across countries. Even the US, smaller independent films will have slow roll outs over longer periods of time. Some bigger films will premier in NY and LA weeks or months before being released in a wider market. And not all films will be available in all areas. Your site gives no indication of any of this at all.

the layout still needs some work

e.g., the register box is off when not in standard resolution

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