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Great idea!

I have small kids, so we never go to movies in theaters any more.

I'd happily use this service if it provided Rental/DVD/Netflix/iTunes availability reminders.

I would also love to see these kinds of reminders. Going to the movies is fun when it's something I really want to see, but I probably watch 5-10x more at home than I do at the movies.

I'd love to implement that, but couldn't find an API that provides that information. I'd settle on scrapping the information if I could find a site that displays the dvd/netflix release with some consistency. The site is using the tmdb.org API for everything right now.

I believe RottenTomatoes provides an api, but I have no idea if it's free or what.


Thanks! Missed the dvd release date the last time I looked at it and I can look it up by the IMDB id. I'll start working on DVD releases right now.

Netflix also has a new releases RSS feed, which you might be able to incorporate via a listen-and-update-db client:


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