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Haha... I like this :)

So for you guys that are using this to decompile, say 450,000 android apps in a row, I highly recommend to use:

    ulimit -m $((1024*1024))
These tools sometimes flip out, both dex2jar, and jd-core.

would have been impossible without your work :) thanks man

I can't wait to be able to release the sources of this bad boy:



Expect it in April :)

EDIT: Notice in the search screenshot how I'm missing the R references. This problem is addressed by lxdvs in Apk2Gold.

What analytics app is that in the dashboard screenshot?

Oh, wow, this is great. &term=SECRET+KEY&...


edit: removed, some people might get offended.

just like that.

This is amazing, nice job.

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