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Clone? No. Similar? Sure.

When Trello came out I had been working on ThetaBoard for a while. Both products draw heavily from some Kanban tools that have been around for years.

If Trello had been out earlier I might not have started my project. That being said, I'd argue that the UX/UI and aesthetics of the two apps are different. I'm going to be making some improvements this year that will differentiate a bit more. As long as people keep using it, I keep plugging away at it.

Hey I didn't mean any disrespect, I was just surprised by how similar it looks. I myself wondered what UI library they're using (if any). Anyway, I am using Trello (no reason in particular) for some projects, but I'll check ThetaBoard out. Good luck with it!

Does anyone know if there is any nice Kanban board software like exists in the FOSS community? (besides TeamBox3)

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