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I did something similar for my money a while ago. Takes all the data and simply tells me "You will have X amount of money in 2 weeks."

Can't live without it anymore. Just wish there was a practical way to give something like this to everyone.

Check out https://www.wisecashhq.com. It's basically a burn down for personal finance, and it answers the question of "How much money will I have in two weeks?"

Sounds interesting. Can you give any more detail? What data sources are you using? I know that trying to get data from my bank is like getting blood from a stone!

I'm using two data sources. Toshl for knowing how much I'm spending (and for certain types of income), Toggl for tracking my freelancing with an attached hourly rate.

The fact that I can see my income as a daily thing and not something that happens every X weeks is really what makes this thing useful and cool because it can essentially turn each day of the month into a simple number saying whether it's a positive or negative day (and by how much).

Then it's just some playing around with rolling averages and some other stuff to get a prediction that is surprisingly good.

Is it difficult to scrape? I log my balance daily with a simple Python script that logs in and scrapes the value.

Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Seems to me that you'd have to follow a budget for this to even be possible, and if you're following a budget you could have a spreadsheet give you the same kind of results.

I'm probably overlooking something, though.

A spreadsheet is a far cry from a warm email every 3 days saying either "Whoa, you need to save more!" or "Woohoo, good job! \o/"

Sounds like my little running-total calculator:


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