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"Never trust a man who doesn't shine his own shoes."

"Never brown in town."

i.e. do not wear brown shoes with a work suit. Unless your an italian or something.

I had a trader friend who rejected someone at interview by just writing "BROWN SHOES" across his c.v.

Your friend is an idiot.

They also wrote into a fat intern's contract that he had to do star jumps on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral every Friday morning.

Their management style is... unique.

You're saying this like it's a joke, but it's not funny.

I doubt whether they followed through on it more than once or twice.

It's a niche brokerage company. All of the above would be firing offences in a major bank.

Other random items from their company:

- The CEO insists on being called "The Captain", and once told potential investors that he gets his secretary to roll his spliffs for him

- Traders who fall asleep at the desk after a night on the town are normally awoken via having their bin or chair set on fire etc etc

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