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Actually that is the definition of a switch. Routing happens at layer 3 between networks domains.

I'm sure this is going to turn into a semantics battle with the layers blurring, but traditionally all routing happens at the IP address level.

It is indeed a semantic battle. But as for semantics: sorry, that's just wrong. A switch connects the same network transparently. A device doesn't need to know that there is a switch in place to find, say, It just ARPs for the destination address and sends the packet. If you are connected to a wifi router, you must send a packet destined for to the router, because it is your gateway.

I think we agree, but looking back my sentences are ambiguous. I slashed a lot of content out and lost the transitions. I meant that is the definition of a switch (not a router) and that a router does the following things, not that a switch is a router.

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