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When is Chrome officially replacing the Android browser ?

Hopefully after they've fixed the woeful performance which is plaguing it.

It already has with Android 4.1. But manufacturers might keep customizing the previous open source browser instead, for the time being at least.

Are you sure? When I use the Google search widget to find something, the browser it gives me doesn't seem to be Chrome.

Are you using a Nexus device? I don't think they replaced the browser on Nexus devices older than Nexus 7. Only new devices that have been launched after June last year with Android 4.1 on board should have it by default, and as I said most manufacturers have probably left the other browser in there even on new devices. But the new Nexus/Motorola devices should have it.

Yes Nexus 4

Settings > Manage Apps > Browser > Clear Defaults

Next time you click a link, it will ask you which browser you like. Choose Chrome.

As soon as you click a link it goes into Chrome on mine.

If you hold press a link, do you get an option to open in a new tab?

No. The actual results screen does appear to be a custom odd thing, and you cant see tabs until you click.

I find this annoying - it's on search result pages that I am very likely to want to open lots of tabs. Ugh.

But clicking any link opens in a new chrome tabs. The list is not itself a chrome tab...

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