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Someone had to point it out, yes. I had the same thought and it made me sad. That page is beautiful, quirky and funny, made with DIY love. It's a perfect example of the value of remix culture, adding a touch of originality (yes, originality) to brighten up an otherwise boring github page.

I believe the author picked the cross hatched texture background to match the rest, as well as the font and the muted retro green and orange-red, so it's not like it was a mere copy/paste job, either. More like (apart from the name pun) Austin Powers is just another ingredient, like the colour to paint with, the texture, the font, etc.

Further--this is a personal belief so take it cum grano salis--if one releases a blockbuster film, one of the (intended!) effects is having its iconography engrained in the public's mind and culture. Saying you cannot use imagery that has been force-fed into the public consciousness at all, is like getting hit by a fire hose and being told you're not allowed to drink or wash with the water. And I had this thought, having to fear being punished for using a certain icon to communicate your ideas, is a lot (but not exactly, I do hope you can see the similarities though) like what the Danish cartoonist had to fear when drawing Muhammed. (let me repeat: there's a lot of differences between the situations, but also an eerie similarity)

Anyway, it's a really great library, I'm looking forward to having an excuse to use it.

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