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This is awesome. I'm using http://ace.ajax.org/ right now in production and it's a huge heavyweight pain (but still the best thing out there). If only this had syntax highlighting i'd switch in an instant.

Maybe you'll like http://kueblc.github.com/LDT/examples/generic.html? but if you fix undo, add bracket matching, etc it will become huge too.

Also wanted to ask why do you think that ace is a pain? I agree that it's big, but seems to work ok?

Thanks so much for the LDT link, it's exactly what I was looking for (and thought impossible).

I can't speak for the GP, but my problem with ACE et al. is that they replace the textarea with their own HTML structure (e.g. a div for every line). I understand the reason why, but it means they have to reimplement all the textbox behaviour and they never get it completely right.

For example: when I double-click on a word in the textbox I'm writing this in, and then middle-click somewhere else, the word gets pasted there.

In ACE, it pastes a different text in a different location.

ACE is brilliant if you want to a full-fledged text editor. But it's an overkill if all you need is a normal textarea with some colours.

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