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Ok I'll be the pendant that says it...you probably can't appropriate the image of Austin Powers for your open source library. Not that Mike Myers seems the type to flip out about it, but his movie studio probably is.

Otherwise, great work...and it behaves reasonably well even on iOS

Someone had to point it out, yes. I had the same thought and it made me sad. That page is beautiful, quirky and funny, made with DIY love. It's a perfect example of the value of remix culture, adding a touch of originality (yes, originality) to brighten up an otherwise boring github page.

I believe the author picked the cross hatched texture background to match the rest, as well as the font and the muted retro green and orange-red, so it's not like it was a mere copy/paste job, either. More like (apart from the name pun) Austin Powers is just another ingredient, like the colour to paint with, the texture, the font, etc.

Further--this is a personal belief so take it cum grano salis--if one releases a blockbuster film, one of the (intended!) effects is having its iconography engrained in the public's mind and culture. Saying you cannot use imagery that has been force-fed into the public consciousness at all, is like getting hit by a fire hose and being told you're not allowed to drink or wash with the water. And I had this thought, having to fear being punished for using a certain icon to communicate your ideas, is a lot (but not exactly, I do hope you can see the similarities though) like what the Danish cartoonist had to fear when drawing Muhammed. (let me repeat: there's a lot of differences between the situations, but also an eerie similarity)

Anyway, it's a really great library, I'm looking forward to having an excuse to use it.

I'll be the pedant to mention that a pendant is worn around the neck.

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Good hustling! (Serious, not sarcastic.)

Your comment was funny and provided value (now I know about your service). Well played.

It's funny, in another thread he got voted down as close to #f6f6ef as I've ever seen and scolded to boot

For the record, I approve and upvoted. I had half-written a comeback but decided I was not actually clever and that I deserve to be mocked. "Pendant" indeed.

Thanks everybody! I'll do a Show HN post after we finish fiddling with some conversion tracking bits.

Getting scolded by a 3 karma account was fun :)

I'd guess a non-profit project with such small, incidental, reverent-without-being-misleading image reuse can wait until they receive a souvenir cease-and-desist letter, if ever, before worrying about the rights issues.

The same day as this article is published. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/01/six-year-old-danc...

That suit supports the idea the project can wait for communication from the rightsholder at negligible risk. (That is, there's no need for ad hoc copyright warnings from third-party non-experts.)

To wit: this is a lawsuit of choice, initiated by a plaintiff (backed by the EFF) who had material briefly taken-down by a DMCA notification. The studio didn't sue: it only sent a take-down, then was itself sued. The studio doesn't appear to be seeking damages, even though the alleged-infringing video has now been up for years (post-counter-notify, with more than 1.2 million views). The studio just wants the take-down honored and the lawsuit dismissed.

how do you know if that's Mike Myers in Austin Powers? It's the author in Halloween costume.

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