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Ask HN: What's your blog?
39 points by devcom on Jan 25, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 74 comments
So along the lines of a "Ask HN: What's your startup", I'm sure a lot of us have blogs that we write on that don't get a lot of exposure. So link your blog here with a short description about your topics.

I'll go first: http://devcomsystems.com.au/blog Main topic at the moment is documenting the journey of building a web app for the web app challenge. Creating a $5k/mo web app in 6 months.

I blog mostly about JavaScript/Canvas stuff, but my latest post is actually some advice that I kept repeating to different people until I finally made a post to point to. It's a piece on being positive:


I've gotten an enormous amount of thank you's for that post, mostly from when I wrote similar sentiment on reddit to encourage people, but its not really in line with the rest of the blog to date.

Unfortunately 100% of my blogging steam since last July has been forced into a book that's currently in the works (a tome on HTML5, nothing too exciting!). I'll be extremely happy when that's finished and I can return to blogging. I've gained a lot of intimate knowledge of Canvas in recent times, so there are an enormous amount of Canvas-related topics I want to cover. And the book, to say the least, is about ~200 pages of my canvas expertise and ~300 pages of "other" HTML5 :)

I'd really like to get more into storytelling too, alas, my time is so thin.

http://ambientdays.com/ I occasionally post YouTube/Grooveshark/SoundCloud videos. I kept trying to write blog posts (both on musical and technical topics), but I could never come up with a voice that I liked.

I blog so rarely at my personal blog that it's almost irrelevant, but it's http://www.jroller.com/mindcrime

The Fogbeam Labs blog gets an update now and again as well, although I don't publish anywhere near as much content there as I should. But I'm sitting on a whole pile of ideas for posts and half finished posts, etc., so at some point content should start showing up there much more frequently.


I write nonsense here: http://blog.chewxy.com

I'm also a contributer behind The Forking Chef (http://theforkingchef.com), the blog for Fork the Cookbook [0], which people have likened to be like Github for recipe: http://forkthecookbook.com

Front page: http://orangethirty.github.com/marketing_bits




Marketing, sales, copywriting articles from my own experiences.Updated every couple of days. Will soon have content in Spanish.

Pronto tendra el mismo contenido escrito en Espanol.

Received your email this morning: great stuff for a beginning

Thank you! May you tweet the link to the blog for me?

Sorry, sentence does not parse.

EDIT: I got it - you want me to tweet your link? Sure (not that I have many followers).

EDIT2: DONE - https://twitter.com/chewxy/status/294684615086592000

Thank you. :)

Subscribed. Thanks this is just what I need!


I need some help getting the word out. Could you tell people in your network about it? Thank you.

I have several small websites. I think other people refer to all of them as "blogs". The one I think of as "my blog" is http://www.novemberwest.com/blog.

It's a hodgepodge -- bitching about personal problems, talking about relationship stuff, "women's issues", a few photographs of stuff in San Diego, miscellany. It was created with the explicit intention of having a sandbox to write about stuff that I find interesting, stuff of a sort which inevitably seems to inspire lynch mobs in online forums. So it helps me stay out of trouble on forums and email lists. It makes it easier for folks who can't stand me to avoid reading ...whatever the heck it is about me which historically kept me in social hot water no matter what I did. It is also helping me bleed off the chatter so that other writing I do is more focused and topical.

Mine is linked from my profile. It's a mix of grandiose bullshit and book reviews (sometimes these are the same).

Periodically I link myself in comments because it's easier than rehashing what I've already written.

One day I complained about a particular blog hosting service and that's the one post that made it to HN's front page.

http://attnmgmtblog.com - The Attention Management Blog

A linkblog where I post excerpts and quotes a few times a week on focus, attention, distraction, intentionality, and doing good work, with an emphasis on managing attention amidst digital distraction.

Thanks for this! Read through the first couple of pages and it's got exactly what it says on the tin. Subscribed.

http://blog.madradavid.com/ Startups,Coding,Africa


Mostly just observations on the technology industry.

I've only updated my blog a few times in the last year, but have actually written a lot of "posts" in a notebook. I'm planning on posting some of the better ones online over the course of this year.

I write sometimes on this: http://jscal.es

I post music on this: http://ilictronix.heroku.com

And I'm finishing my programming challenge blog: http://programthis.net

http://www.therror.com/ altough I write in spanish about a lot of stuff, from videos to how to work and study. Currently I'm starting my own digital marketing agency.


Started this year. Has some Riak Core posts, some personal content. I'm looking to post more about Erlang and other technical topics.

http://www.therealmacgenius.com - The Real Mac Genius.com

An outlet providing: news, reviews, analysis, and opinion regarding Apple technology.


I just post about random tech stuff. Gadget reviews, various things that people might find interesting/help solve problems.

http://dontmakecrap.tumblr.com I write about product quality and attempt to encourage the greater software community to pay attention to details and make great products. I review products and try and find what makes them not crap and what makes them total crap. I sift through the the crap to show you how to make sure your product is not crap. Don't make crap.


It used to be more personal, but now I try to blog about things related to work, including my photography.

It's Wordpress hosted on Dreamhost. It's been on HN a few times and the WP Super Cache plugin has handled it like a breeze.

I've always thought about changing everything to Octopress, but as long as Wordpress cache plugins work as promised, I guess there's not much need to

Although perhaps not quite the standard sort of site to be mentioned on Hacker News, I always enjoy reading this website. I write about my explorations of ruins, travels in Japan, photography and the occasional piece on design, SEO and other branding and marketing related material. Feel free to have a read if you need a break :).


I post occasionally at http://blog.andrewcantino.com about stupid projects I do.


I blog about how to improve your chances of finding work as well as how to improve your chances of attracting the best staff if you are an employer.

I also interview leading figures from the UK tech industry about their hiring processes in order to give job seekers a direct insight into what impresses these days.

http://captnemo.in Mostly ruby, node stuff along with some personal perspectives.

Just started it up (personally), but I blog about...shit, don't really know yet. Likely programming, personal life (dad, husband, etc), and the like. http://blog.gigantuan.net

My professional blog, mostly about Python and Django, is at http://brack3t.com

I blog mostly about it/information -security - both defense and offense (pentest) - tools and know how to be active in this field. The main goal is to get people talking and ask question on a certain topic. Interested? Please visit http://www.damnsecure.org

Ruby on Rails performance and scalability: http://blog.craz8.com

http://blackhole12.blogspot.com for programming related rants or the occasional personal post from a rabbit-obsessed graphics programmer who says a lot of crazy things. Sometimes people even listen to me! But usually they just tell me I'm an idiot.

I blog about development and IT-related items at http://taylodl.wordpress.com/ Recently I've been focusing on functional programming paradigms using JavaScript. If nothing else I've found that writing helps me internalize the material.


Mostly about startups / investors in Australia, what it's like to be a uni student founder, having an app that exploded massively etc. Not really much technical stuff and usually blog only when asked to speak.

atm doing about 1k hits per month.


I talk about working at startups in San Francisco, specifically Eventbrite, this includes topics like growing a startup from 10 people to 230, health, productivity tips, and technical/industry related findings.

I'm experimenting with electronics/microprocessor programming. http://smok.zoxt.net/ Also, i'm documenting some Linux and web-development hints there. Your know, things that take a couple of hours to figure out.

Marketing-ish thoughts: http://bennesvig.com

On a related note, what blogging platform does everyone recommend for discussing your startup? Discussion here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5114239

http://blog.skanev.org/ -- a weird mix about academia (PhD student in computer architecture), photography (still advanced amateur) and long-distance running (marathoner).

I just started one... not really the best at blogging but I'm trying, just decided tonight I'm going to focus more on like code snippets and such from my projects.


My technical blog (not much updated): http://www.jjude.com; thoughts on all other things are at: http://www.jjude.biz


Nowadays focused soley on microsoft development (C#, MVC, SQL) with tips and snippets that address common daily issues of corporate devs.

I blog about advancing your career, relationship building & entrepreneurship on http://robbieabed.com I've been on the front page probably about 4-5 times.

I like your blog dude ! I found your's and nathanbarry.com very intersting. The web app challenge is a great idea. I'm Australia for an internship and I gave the link to your blog to my boss for inspiration.


I blog about making a living with software. I currently have several apps and started my own version of the Web App Challenge.

Here is mine : http://www.lengrand.fr/

Started as an image processing blog, but turned into "my life as a developer" kinda blog.

Hard to always find time to write though.

We blog about product, crowdsourcing and interesting bounties that have been posted: https://businessleads.com/blog

I blog about programming topics that I find interesting; mainly related to .NET, JQuery, and SQL - http://jwcooney.com


I mostly write about the things I am currently working on. Nowadays its about Android Development.


My thoughts on technology and my journey to learning front-end development and design.


My personal blog; various technical miscellany, representative of whatever I'm into at the moment.

They Come With Cheese is my semi-ironic blog about cheese. http://www.theycomewithcheese.com


Metaphorical rambling. Some revelatory posts; mostly crap.

Themes relating to entrepreneurship, technology, design.

http://blog.sachleen.com/ - just little stuff I've made. Now I'm focusing on an Arduino project.

http://elfga.com/blog/ lisp, ucw, ios programming, bootstrap, ajax, open source, and whatever else

http://blog.hellokitty.com/minusworld my humble adventures in online game hacking.

I write about my hacks and thoughts here: http://hacksandthoughts.posterous.com/

My posts are not like tutorials, however, things I tried & exprimented. http://arundhaj.com

I blog about things that I work on (mostly Android, iOS and jQuery) : http://pulkitgoyal.in/

Not sure if this counts as a traditional blog, but this is me: http://www.srirangan.net

http://zolmeister.com I write about my technical projects (both software and hardware)

Good Idea!

I blog mostly about node.js and Android, but basically whatever comes to my mind :)


I blog about technology and startups at http://www.nilkanth.com

http://lukencode.com .net, WinRT, wp7 javascript code snippets

i blog on web programming (from jvm to ruby and python) and my failures at http://www.mengu.net and http://tglogs.wordpress.com is specifically on TurboGears framework.


Python, Django, and my open source work.

I write about design and development and occasionally something weird/funny.

Here it is simp.sn

a blog about nothings: http://www.runtime-era.blogspot.com

ill be interested in reading everyone's responses!

blogging about programming topics and nyc. current topic is "jQuery without jQuery"


my personal blog where I blog about the hacks that I do http://virendra.me

startups, productivity, apple - http://www.heydave.org


Articles on business, strategy, finance. Along with offering financial trading training on the side

I have a thing for insights. Sometimes simply flipping the normal order of things can make one see life in a completely new way[0] and that fascinates me no end. Eventually I started collecting these at my blog, vjk2005.tumblr.com, which has since expanded beyond a collection of insights[1][2] to include design[3][4], my ideas and thoughts[5][6][7], Photography[8][9], Japan[10][11], Travel[12], pithy quotes[13] and tidbits on technology and nature[14][15].

[0] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/31520538726/the-foundation-of...

[1] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/26155332078/the-power-of-char...

[2] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/23733095311/sunnyballiette-ni...

[3] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/31465598591/fractal-kitchenwa...

[4] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/30946005549/how-to-draw-a-3d-...

[5] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/31581467714/the-difference-be...

[6] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/21642976591/does-time-stop-wh...

[7] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/4615308706/gyrotasking

[8] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/31453294194/qiu-yang-and-colo...

[9] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/31319652284/breathtaking-orie...

[10] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/26159184468/tokyo-1960s

[11] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/21494313892/digital-fishing

[12] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/23339995775/semporna-malaysia

[13] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/39569214423/genius-is-an-afri...

[14] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/30247705546/vladimir-lukyanov...

[15] http://vjk2005.tumblr.com/post/36638052985/the-most-beautifu...

I write it rarely of my experience, the things I see . www.amar.co

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