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There was a fair amount of AAA gaming support around that timeframe (say 1996-2000). Almost a golden age. Games based on the Quake engine were the most obvious example. Besides them, Loki ported maybe 20 games over to Linux. The ones I still have CDs around for somewhere are Railroad Tycoon 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Myth 2.

A friend bought a Quake III for Linux tin box from the discount bin because they had put a sticker on it saying it also worked for Windows.

Inside was a instruction sheet informing Linux users how they could use CVS to pull and compile 3D support, depending on their distribution. I thought it was rather funny that someone felt they could market a game to people who were compiling their own operating system. I guess that's why it was in the discount bin.

I would rebuy these games again if they came to Steam, I have the original id special Edition Quake3 metal box but I lost the CDs long ago. :-/

Currently, only the Windows version is on Steam.

Oh man, was I ever a Loki fan...

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