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BM:S is very, very nice looking and fun, but it's still not finished yet, anyone looking bear in mind multiplayer and the Xen levels are not implemented yet.

It's passed steam greenlight, so once finished, should be available for a nice one click install. I look forward to this :)

But if you're reading this thread and excited, you'll probably get a kick out of it.

All the pre-Xen levels are very well finished. If you just want the single player gameplay up to the point of the Lambda Complex, install Black Mesa now :-).

You can get a preview of the gorgeous Xen graphics in one of the rooms of the Questionable Ethics chapter.

Whenever I used to replay the original Half-Life (I think I've completed it 5 or 6 times), I would get as far as Lambda Complex, pretend that was where the game finished, and promptly stop playing.

I think plenty of us hated the Xen levels, and the BM:S team knows how challenging it will be to modernise. I'm looking forward to see what they do!

I personally enjoyed the Xen levels (except the fact that Nihilanth brought my PC to a near standstill when the game came out), but to each their own. I'd be interested to hear your complaints about Xen.

A common complaint involved the tiny little orbiting platforms that had to be jumped between. It turned an excellent FPS into a frustrating 3D platformer and interrupted the rhythm of the game.

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