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does anyone know why Cisco sold Linksys? As far as I recall, Cisco wanted to enter the consumer market (as opposed to their enterprise presence). Did they fail?

I like the fact that Cisco is not afraid of letting go stuff they acquired. Last time I heard was when they acquired tribe.net and later put it up for sale? correct me if I am wrong. And then there was the acquisition of Flip camera, that flopped (no pun intended).

Not sure about Linksys but Cisco did acquire Meraki a few months back. http://www.meraki.com/company/cisco-acquisition-faq

I wouldn't call Meraki a consumer product though. Their cheapest AP is $400 and you have to buy per/AP license at $150/year. Not something I'd put in my parent's house.

  > does anyone know why Cisco sold Linksys?
I recall reading somewhere that the Linksys devision was more or less going downhill fast, due largely to cable/dsl modem vendors including wireless in their models, and operators simply using them for customers. Can't remember where I read that, or if it was even true, so consider it a rumor I guess.

They made really bad bets on consumer products. For Linksys they bought it to get into the entry level / small business market as well. Another bad bet. The competition has been stepping it up to the point where these products overlap with Cisco's existing platforms. Spending the money to develop a separate hardware/software platform doesn't make a lot of sense. They can just downsize/license option their existing platforms into that space and save themselves a ton of money.

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