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I know next to nothing about networking hardware, so fuck me, but...

I always had to power-cycle my routers, no matter the brand, for years. Some once a week, one every other day. Then I bought a Time Capsule from Apple. It seemed kinda pricey, but I wanted the convenience of the backups.

This was in 2008. Five years later, that thing still works perfectly. Never had to power cycle it. Entirely reliable. So Apple will keep getting my money for consumer networking gear.

It's good that you haven't had any problem with your Time Capsule, especially overheating. Due to poor engineering and industrial design, there are a lot of people that have had issues with that and had to physically modify the case [1].

In general Apple has a solid history of various problems (I'd speculate mostly due to design decisions taking over engineering concerns) with their hardware - "antennagate", Mac Mini overheating, dust inside DVD drive slots, Time Capsule and Apple TV overheating [2].

I guess there are more, but these are the problems people around me have actually stumbled upon.

Not exactly what I would call a manufacturer of durable hardware.

[1] http://leonidas.org/2012/04/13/time-capsule-reborn/

[2] http://olitee.com/2010/04/overheating-apple-tv/

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