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Well, it's not thought of as a "channel between two processes". Maybe more like a hub, except it actually stores data (which is similar to an async protocol that buffers/queues messages).

But that's all kind of irrelevant. The purpose that a database serves is a good replacement for other kinds of IPC. It imparts meaning to data and allows applications to communicate in a common way.

Think about it this way: every language has a different way of representing some missing value -- null, nil, undef, Nothing, None -- and all are slightly different. But the application is probably influenced by SQL NULL semantics more than any of those. (EDIT: reworded this paragraph)

Databases pretty much own everything, which is something I think that language people should spend more time focusing on. Maybe the reason that cool new language isn't 2X as productive as python is because you are still using the same database. Language designers need to focus on informed innovation in the database space if they really want to make an impact.

"including state transitions that change the acceptable messages"

That sounds an awful lot like DDL to me.

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