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what's facscinating, and this isn't really proof of anything, but has "Thrift Shop" been getting terrestrial radio airplay?

I can't find it on http://www.z100.com/iplaylist/playlist.html?net=1 (my local pop radio station's playlist)

As two datapoints ...

I first heard it on the local (terrestrial) pop radio station a few days ago. I'm not sure when they started playing it, though. I e-mailed the YouTube video to a friend in Atlanta, and she said that she'd heard it on her pop radio station as well.

Gets pretty regular play on my local (SF Bay) hit music station: http://997now.cbslocal.com/playlist/

I hear it locally in Grand Rapids, MI non-stop. So it is, at least in some areas.

The first time I heard the song was sometime in December on KROQ in LA. I heard it on the radio before I heard about all this internet hype it is getting, but then I don't follow a lot of music blogs.

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