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So, Phil uses Amazon's design as a spoof for a resume. Aside from the is it copyright or not discussion, I am curios how this differs greatly from people leveraging the svbtle theme?

Every time someone does that, multiple people pop their heads up and talk about blatant ripoff (even when credit is given).

Sure, we have Amazon as e-commerce and this is a resume, where the other case are both essentially blogs. But, you have two cases of people using the design of someone (or something) else for their own purposes.

And, the argument that "people using the svbtle theme are trying to leverage the popularity of svbtle.com to gain legitimacy" is likely the minority. Most people like it for it's cleanliness/simplicity.

Copying a popular blog theme for your blog is obvious, and lacks creativity. Spoofing an actually-not-that-aesthetically-pleasing design intended for a completely different purpose, and filling it with quirky details is rather different.

It's the same reason why Android handset manufacturers got accused of "ripping off" the iconic design of the iPhone, whereas in an earlier era people thought Salvador Dali was being artistic when having the considerably more original idea of designing a telephone handset to look like a lobster.

Svbtle's design is based off of a standard, free Tumblr theme called Clarus. If you really wanted to edit that to have a white background and black text it'd take a few minutes tops, even for someone that wasn't familiar with CSS. I am definitely in the camp that if you're using the WP-Svbtle theme, you know what you're doing.

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