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mattgreenrocks 449 days ago | link | parent

I've yet to see anyone who 'slut-shames' based on language produce anything of value.

The wanna-be makers project their own failings more readily.

hmsimha 449 days ago | link

Either you don't consider linux to be 'anything of value' or you haven't read Linus Torvalds' take on c++ http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/c++/linus


lifeisstillgood 449 days ago | link

This is amazingly both of the above points

1. A clear and succinct citicism directed at the failings of a language in technical terms

2. Attacking a maker and telling them not to make stuff.


Like Stallman, we take the rough with the smooth with Torvalds. Some people earn it.


amcl 449 days ago | link

Given Dmitry instigated that incident by attempting himself to "slut-shame" C, I'd say he had that one coming! I think Linus was fed-up there with the nth polite suggestion he re-implement either git or the kernel in C++.


lifeisstillgood 448 days ago | link

There was a "police camera action" footage of a UK nightclub and a man leaping up and slapping the bouncer 6 or 7 times because he was not allowed in - on the eighth leap the bouncer simply punches him once to the ground.

The voice over explains that police had reviewed the footage, and whilst commonly prosecuting bouncers for ABH, this time declined to press charges.

Its probably not at all the same :-)


mattgreenrocks 449 days ago | link

Finding one edge case doesn't refute the original point. Most /r/programming-esque lingual slut-shaming is by people who seem to be very good at being Right On The Internet, and not much else.

And that's a woefully terrible thing to be good at.


inavat 448 days ago | link

What evidence do you have that a propensity to "slut-shame" isn't distributed evenly between people who are and aren't good at things?


mattgreenrocks 448 days ago | link

Purely anecdotal. I'm just highly suspicious of individuals who feel the need to slut-shame anonymous people on the Internet rather than actually make things.


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