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>> Things improved - I went to CERN and used the CRAY1 this could compile 100K lines of FORTRAN in 1 picosecond (ie about a zillion times slower than my mobile phone today)

Sarcasm doesn't translate well in a thread like this, so just in case someone really thought it could compile 100K lines in a picosecond, dream on. :-)

I don't think it's sarcasm so much as exaggeration; compared to the hours, days or even weeks he had to wait in the past, it sure seemed like a picosecond.

Sarcasm would imply he was somehow denigrating or mocking CERN and/or the CRAY1 and I didn't get that vibe at all.

and what about here: "IDE's and revision control systems have just made matters worse - now you have all the old versions of the mess as well as the mess itself, and the IDE means you can't even see the mess." :-)

I shifted to a Cray1 in 87 and I had a whole 25 minutes of CPU a year...

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