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For when the moderators inevitably change this post to reflect the page's actual title, here's the title under which it was originally submitted:

    I couldn't really learn Erlang, 'cos it didn't exist, so I invented it

I thought that statement taken out of context sounded a bit arrogant (though perhaps well deserved!). However, when read in context it really didn't come across like that at all.

Perhaps a title change in this case wouldn't be all that bad.

Surely it's a piece of Arc doing that. I can't imagine time and time again somebody is wasting their time changing titles.

Perhaps the delay is from the software waiting for a good (low load) time to fetch the page.

The perfect low-load time to do something like that would be upon submission, before the link is shown to anyone. Also it's a good time to make sure it's not a 404 or 500.

I think the titles are manually changed, because plenty of times descriptive titles are left intact.

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