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1. Two different meanings of data: connecting your Facebook account to your Wolfram ID, which is necessary to do the analytics, is by definition PPI (your Facebook account IS your name and email address). That's why the privacy policy says that.

However, the actual data retrieved from your Facebook profile (wallposts, friend lists, etc) is deleted after 1 hour -- unless you enable Historical Analytics, obviously.

There is no contradiction here.

2. This question is phrased in such an insulting way I can't imagine you aren't deliberately trolling.

3&4. We've been quite upfront about what we do with your data. All your Facebook data goes away unless you opt in to Historical Analytics. Otherwise there is no PII derived from your Facebook data that we keep. You can disable Historical Analytics at any time, and you can disassociate your Facebook account from your Wolfram ID at any time, too.

To sum up: we've taken the high road from the beginning. Unlike many FB-based businesses, users aren't the product here, they're the customers.

Have a nice day.

Yes, we all follow what you have said, but I see no guarantees offered by Wolfram, the service provider. You can pretend to be offended and avoid the question, but at the end of the day, the assurance you are trying to provide here is not legally binding and you know it. If you really believe in your last paragraph, why don't you have the Wolfram legal staff put these guarantees in writing, into the ToS and Privacy Policy?

At $600/hour for a lawyer and 30 minutes of their time to add a sentence or two, it'll cost $300 to make the changes. That's well under however much your time cost to make unbacked assurances online. And at the end of the day, your service and your users will be better off for it.

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