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I have previously submitted bug reports when the crash happened through regular Android bug reporter. I just gave it a try and now it doesn't crash and start time has gone down too. It feels much more smooth now. Good work. Two other things that I want to say are as follows.

1. The app allows you to swipe among screens (Dashboard, Test, Stats, Coverage, and report) but once you are in coverage/map section swipe among screens doesn't work, instead it pans the map. May be a lock should be placed in map screen to have a consistent swipe experience.

2. I am not sure how stat settings work. I use Nexus 4 with Straight Talk/ATT. It is a prepaid with $45 for everything unlimited. I pay on 7th of each month. Allowances and Traffic settings in both Contract and pre-paid revert back to default settings. I can't change top-up date in pre-paid settings. Data/Call/SMS monitoring settings can be more intuitive.

Thanks for coming over here and answering questions.

Thanks - glad the new version is working better. We've squashed a large number of bugs.

1. The map screen will swipe but due to the map extending to the sides of the screen, a bezel swipe is required to switch to tabs adjacent to the map tab. This was recommended to us by Google employees on the Android team, so I imagine it's relatively standard practice.

2. We'll take a look at this. When you look into the different types of contract and pre-paid plans out there the functionality and settings rapidly became very complex. Once we get a bit more feedback from users we'll do some work to simplify them.

1. Problem solved. Thanks.

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