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I just updated a userscript I created a while back so it works with the new code search: https://github.com/skratchdot/github-code-search.user.js/

It's just a shortcut for searching the current repository you are viewing (by adding a search box next to the tag count).

Your script would be awesome, something I don't understand why Github doesn't provide natively. Unfortunately it isn't working for me that well.

Go to one of my org's repos: http://github.com/railsforcharity/spokenvote

and search this string (which is in our seeds.rb): users << User.create({name: 'Voter1', email: 'voter1@example.com', password: 'abc123', password_confirmation: 'abc123'})

I not only don't get the right result, I don't get any text in the search results area of the page, not even a nothing found message. Same thing if I do the search on my personal fork.

Sorry for the delay. I was at work so couldn't respond right away.

All the userscript does is proxy the advanced search results page, so the search you tried hits this page:


If you only search for voter1@example.com, results are shown:


Anyways, you did find a "0 results" bug which should now be fixed. Thanks for that!

Glad to point out someone else's mistake for a change ;)

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