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> It strikes me that you are of the belief that cyberspace ought to mimic life in meatspace directly.

If it's a problem that Facebook uncovers someone who's gay in Tehran, then that is only because that persons cyberspace identity mimics his meatspace one. If the gay person in Tehran profile doesn't actually link up to a physical person in Tehran, then there's no added danger to anyone.

Does anyone on this thread know why they have to identify the people's photos and names in the search to still allow marketers to be succesful?

If it didn't identify individuals would it be any less useful to marketers?

Maybe we missed each other... In my example I am talking about a man whose identity is necessarily hidden in meatspace due to an oppressive government.

Cyberspace allows him freedom from this oppression.

Hope that makes it clearer.

Wait, then what's the problem?

He is 'outed' in meatspace by his cyberspatial identities trough the irresponsibility of FB and himself, and all of the other none the wiser users enabled through this product to harm themselves.

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