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How is the tax actually/to be charged though?

The same way it was for television. Radiotjänsten personal goes door to door and asks if there is a receiver in the house. They might also try to listen for suspicious sound, peek into the living room or threaten, to get you to confess that you should pay the fee. Then you receive a yearly bill.

If I'm understanding it correctly, there's already a TV license in place that households pay. This update just means if your house doesn't have a TV, and instead consumes all media on a tablet or similar device, you still need to pay the fee, where as before you could argue you didn't need to pay it for lack of a TV.

Correct. Communism at its finest.

You used to have to show ID and provide an address when you bought a TV, then it would go into a "these households have a TV" database, and you would receive a yearly bill.

The extension is that it no longer applies only to TVs, but to PCs and tablets as well.

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